Welcome to SPARK

Spark is a full service marketing agency. Your partner. We'll help you analyze your current marketing efforts, and create a strategic plan that accomplishes your key business goals.  


Marketing gurus

Check out our services page for a laundry list of ways we can service you. Our team of marketing gurus have specific talents and expertise to start a spark at your organization.


We fine-tune every detail and build new strategies to accomplish new goals.


Why Spark?

We are your partner. One project with us and you'll understand why. We hang on to every client we've had. We aim to understand your goals so we can exceed them with trackable results. You'll see the ROI in everything we do. 


Qualitative Research Approach

  1. Audit - not the scary kind. We evaluate your marketing strategies and identify your business goals.
  2. Develop a custom marketing plan. There's no cookie cutter approach, every message is tailored to you.
  3. Measure results, adjust and repeat to ensure success!